In 2015, because I had the nerve to tweet that I would like to play keyboards, sing backups and make noise for my favorite band, Jonathan Meiburg contacted me and gave me a shot. I have now been on several world tours with the band. And I’m happy to say that I play keyboards, sing backups, and make noise. I am also social media manager. I generate content though photography, video and audio recordings. I curate and provide weekly content for the YouTube channel, I keep a Tumbr tour blog to narrow the divide between fan and band, I edit promotional tour videos, and I curate live-streams via Facebook Live and Instagram. Shearwater is signed to Sub Pop.

Gear: Nord Electro 3, Nord Electro 5S, Electric Violin, Korg Minilogue


I have been playing with the core members of Snake Oil since the first band I’ve ever been in, Weigh Down, in 2003. After a few near-death accidents, Jason Labbe decided to put together a collective of musicians that he enjoyed making sounds with. I am lucky to call myself one of them. I play keyboards and synths in Snake Oil, and I sing lead vocals.

Gear: Nord Electro 4, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha CP 70, MicroKorg