In 2015, because I had the nerve to tweet that I would like to play keyboards, sing backups and make noise for my favorite band, Jonathan Meiburg contacted me and gave me a shot. I have now been on several world tours with the band. And I’m happy to say that I play keyboards, sing backups, and make noise. I am also social media manager. I generate content though photography, video and audio recordings. I curate and provide weekly content for the YouTube channel, I keep a Tumbr tour blog to narrow the divide between fan and band, I edit promotional tour videos, and I curate live-streams via Facebook Live and Instagram. Shearwater is signed to Sub Pop.

Gear: Nord Electro 3, Nord Electro 4, Nord Electro 5S, Electric Violin, Koto, Korg Minilogue


Loma formed while I was on tour with Shearwater in 2016. Jonathan Meiburg asked our opening band, Cross Record, if they would like to do a musical side project, and an album was born. I was brought in to do some violin on the debut album, and they asked me if I would play keyboards for the world tour in 2018. It has been a pleasure to be part of the touring band. I also manage the twitter account as well as do a lot of back-end administration. Loma is signed to Sub Pop.

Gear: Nord Electro 3 and 4, Harp


I played keyboards with Steve Brodsky when he was playing solo shows before the formation of Mutoid Man. So, when Mutoid Man started to become a metal juggernaut, I got swept along for the ride. When Mutoid Man became the house band for the heavy metal YouTube talk show, Two Minutes To Late Night, they asked me to accompany them. And that’s how I became an honorary mutant.

Every month or so, Jordan Olds and Drew Kaufman script and produce the show for YouTube, and they ask me to contribute my rock organ skills, and stick up my middle finger a lot. It is a lot of fun, and when else can I play Iron Maiden and Van Halen with such incredible musicians and guest stars?

Gear: Nord Electro 4

Links: YouTube Page


I have been playing with the core members of Snake Oil since the first band I’ve ever been in, Weigh Down, in 2003. After a few near-death accidents, Jason Labbe decided to put together a collective of musicians that he enjoyed making sounds with. I am lucky to call myself one of them. I play keyboards and synths in Snake Oil, and I sing lead vocals.

Gear: Nord Electro 4, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha CP 70, MicroKorg