Music Supervisor

It goes without saying that she knows her resources and is very knowledgeable about licensing, but beyond that she has excellent taste.

-Joan Hershey, Senior Producer, Great Performances

Bundled or a la carte, what can I do for you?

Music Supervision

I will work with you to select, create, and clear the best music for your production within your budget.

Music Selection

Upon collaborating with you, I will select music that is accurate, creative, interesting, clearable, and within your budget.

Music Research

I am an expert at music research – whether it’s figuring out what a certain song is, or who owns the rights to the material.

Music Cue Sheets

In RapidCue or Excel, I can provide accurate and organized music cue sheets for your production.

Music Clearance

If you’ve already selected the music for your production, I will research rights holders and do clearances for you.

Music Consultant

I can consult with you about how to do clearances, how to select music, rights analysis, and other music-related issues