Custom Scores and Single Music Cues

I bring my experience as a music supervisor, classically trained composer, and keyboardist to writing music suited for placement in visual media. Music should support, enhance, and provide a finishing polish to your projects.

I specialize in piano and keyboard pieces, but I have a roster of musicians whom I can call on when you have something else in mind.

Arrangements and Recordings of Pre-Existing Songs

I can make piano and other instrumental arrangements of pre-existing songs to underscore a project. I also have experience making recordings of sheet music for pieces for which master recordings are scarce or non-existent.

In-House Production Music Library

I have created out-of-the-box music ready to be licensed, and there are several albums available via my Bandcamp page. I add to this collection of albums continuously.

Volume 1 is a collection of piano music:

Connections, Collaborators, and Contacts

Having a hand in the soundtrack and indie rock worlds, I can also serve as a go-between if you would like me to seek out a composer or musicians to work with. I can convey your needs and make sure your ideas are translated and heard.