For 16 years, I was the music specialist for public television’s largest market and flagship station in NYC. I selected and cleared music for documentaries, news programming, arts biographies, spots, and reels – for some of the most prestigious projects and programs on television and digital media. Also, during that time, I nurtured a hobby (until it grew into a career) as a keyboardist and composer, starting with classical piano and off-off broadway accompaniment, and now, as a specialist in indie rock.

In 2016, I decided to go freelance with both.

As a music supervisor, I pride myself on being an excellent collaborator – able to select music to suit any producer’s needs, even the most visually-driven.

As a musician, I am a quick learner with a good ear. I am experienced with national and international touring. As Loma’s twitter voice, and Shearwater’s social media manager, I strive to document touring life, breaking down the barrier between fan and band.



Music Supervisor

As a freelance music supervisor and clearance professional, I have supervised several documentaries including the 2018 Academy Award shortlisted documentary, Knife Skills, by acclaimed documentarian, Thomas Lennon. (Hopefully on February 23rd, I’ll be able to change “shortlisted” to “nominated”!)



Music Services, Rights Management Analyst – Legal Department

As a specialist in intellectual property law as it pertains to music, and especially for public television, I provided consultation for lawyers, producers, directors  and editors for music clearance and music issues. I researched music for clearance, and was the manager of music cue sheets (RapidCue). I also analyzed contracts for designing, implementing and QA-ing a new rights management software.


Thirteen Productions, LLC.

Music Services, Specialist

Selected and cleared music and sound effects for productions, branding campaigns, digital videos, and corporate projects. These productions include documentaries, public affairs programming, news, arts programming, biographies, promos, sizzle reels, children’s programming, and YouTube shorts.



Music Services, Specialist

Selected music for local productions, branding campaigns, and digital videos. Replaced music for entire series to reduce cost for home video and digital distribution. Local initiatives have smaller budgets, and I worked hard to work within those constraints.


Loma (Sub Pop)

Keyboardist, Twitter Manager

Loma is a super group whose core members are Jonathan Meiburg (Shearwater) and Emily Cross & Dan Duszynski (Cross Record). I played violin on the self-titled debut album, & I worked on several B-side projects that will come out during 2018. We will be on tour (national and international) for much of 2018.


Shearwater (Sub Pop)

Keyboardist, Back-up Vocalist, Social Media Manager

Asked to join the band because I tweeted at them, I have now been on several world tours. I also started the band Instagram page, creating content, responding to fans, and scheduling posts. I am co-manager of the band’s Twitter and Facebook. I also create content for YouTube, write a Tumblr tour blog and am integral in breaking down the fourth wall between band and fan.


Snake Oil

Keyboardist, Lead Singer, Composer,  Songwriter

Snake Oil is a collective of musicians from across NY, CT and MA. It started as an instrumental collective, but with a cover of Black Sabbath’s full “Vol. 4” album, I became the lead singer. Our music has been licensed for use on websites, and we are always seeking out sync opportunities. We are currently working on our third album.


Stephen Brodsky (Mutoid Man, Cave-In)

Synth textures, keyboardist, backup vocalist

Provide support for Steve Brodsky for live shows. I create synth textures to fill out his solo sound, and I provide backup vocals to mimic those of his solo albums. We have been on a several mini-tours, opening for Boris.